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Prior to ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, it was nearly impossible to catch a taxi at any time of day in Northern Colorado. Now that Uber and Lyft are on the scene, transportation has become much simpler for those without cars or bikes, or people seeking safe transport to and from the many breweries and bars around town. While this is extremely convenient, it has started raising some questions about the safety of taking a rideshare and who shoulders the bills in the event of an accident. Taxis are regularly inspected and maintained through the actual company that owns them, yet rideshare drivers and cars are not regulated in this manner.

How Uber and Lyft Work

Uber and Lyft vehicles are solely owned, maintained, and operated by independent drivers, with both companies distancing themselves from the drivers by stating they merely provide the platform that connects drivers with consumers. It’s unclear clear whether the vehicle has undergone proper inspections, or if the driver’s have been properly screened via a drug test or background check.

The number one concern here is that Uber and Lyft passengers could potentially not be protected if they’re injured an accident while riding with them. It’s still a bit unclear as to who will be compensating passengers for injuries and damages incurred during an Uber or Lyft accident. An experienced rideshare accident attorney in Fort Collins can help you navigate this strange new territory and get the damages you deserve.

What If You Are Injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident in Fort Collins?

Is the driver the one responsible for their actions or does the company share some of the responsibility, even though they tell us the driver is not technically an employee nor does the company own the vehicle? Since the drivers are merely licensees of the company, it’s often difficult to establish who is accountable for compensation: the driver, the company, or the insurance company–as well as whose insurance company. Due to the murkiness of all of this, it’s best to have the best Fort Collins Uber and Lyft accident attorneys on your side to get the you the appropriate compensation you are owed.

Why You Need an Attorney

Rideshare companies and all insurance companies, are 100% in the business of making money – not paying it out. This means that they will do everything in their power to fight the claims seeking compensation and, because they’re large companies with massive teams of lawyers, they’re equipped to fight this battle. In order to be certain you win this fight, you need a top Fort Collins rideshare accident attorney helping you.

Contact our Fort Collins Law Firm for Uber and Lyft Accident Representation

It’s important that victims to have a strong team of experts fighting for their rights when it comes to holding parties responsible for the damage they inflict. If you’ve suffered due to an accident that happened while you were in an Uber or Lyft, contact us today. We accept injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no upfront legal fees. To learn how we can be of service, call 970-632-2687 or contact our Fort Collins office online to schedule a free consultation.

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