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There are a number of causes for back injuries, including car crashes, slip and falls, and medical malpractice. Auto accidents are the most common cause due to the violent impact of the crash throwing the body in multiple directions at once and forcing muscles, ligaments and vertebrae out of alignment. If you’ve incurred a back injury due to another person’s error, negligence or actions, you need a top Fort Collins back injury attorney fighting for you.

Back Injury Basics

Back injuries are typically classified by the region of the back that is experiencing pain:

  • Upper Back Pain: This includes the cervical vertebrae as well as the supporting ligaments and muscles. Traditionally, upper back injuries are simply called “neck injuries”.
  • Mid Back Pain: The middle back is comprised of the thoracic vertebrae as well as its supporting ligaments and muscles.
  • Lower Back Pain: This includes the lumbar vertebrae and all of its supporting ligaments and muscles.

There are instances where even the smallest amount of trauma to the back has lead to chronic pain, nerve damage, paralysis, as well as many other painful symptoms. This can potentially lead to many years of related medical issues. The best Fort Collins back injury attorney can help you get the damages you deserve, so you can get back to your life and focus on recovery.

The Classification of Back Injuries

“Back Injury” is very broad term that covers all of the injuries that impact the back. However, there are a variety of kinds of back injuries a person may have, including:

Compression Fracture:

Compression fractures are the collapse of vertebrae. This is often caused by either osteoporosis or trauma, with victims experiencing mild to severe pain.


Broken backs are injuries in which vertebrae are either fractured or dislocated. This type of injury is typically the result of an auto accident or fall.

Herniated Discs:

A herniated disc, slipped disc, bulging disc or ruptured disc, is extremely painful; causing weakness, numbness, nerve pain and pressure. Herniated discs commonly cause ongoing back pain that could require surgery to finally correct.


Inflammation is oftentimes the result of back injuries, creating extremely tender, sore places along the spine where your muscles meet ligaments. Stretched ligaments can cause severe pain that could require several months rest in order to heal fully.


Stenosis is also known as a pinched nerve and is the narrowing of the spinal cord, causing pain and discomfort.

Vertebral Fracture:

Traumatic events like automobile accidents are the general cause of vertebral fractures.


Whiplash occurs when forceful pushing and pulling of the upper neck vertebrae results in unnatural positions.

Work-Related Lower or Upper Back Injury:

These injuries are typically due to picking up a heavy item, or bending, pulling, or twisting in a way that causes strain or a sprain, incurring extreme stress, or enduring repetitive motion. If this occurs during work, it is possible to bring a workers compensation claim regarding the injury.

Filing A Claim

Bringing a personal injury claim for your back injuries against the person who caused it may result in complete compensation for all accident-related bills, lost income, attorney’s fees, pain and suffering, as well as other related damages. A top back injury attorney in Fort Collins can assist you with filing a claim or in negotiating a strong settlement.

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