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The Best Fort Collins Criminal Defense Lawyers For Protecting Your Rights


One of the most important constitutional protections you have is the right to an attorney. This right is crucial because it protects all the others: your right to remain silent, to be charged or released, to have reasonable bail set, to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, and so many additional protections. At Ring & Associates, P.C., the best criminal defense attorneys in Fort Collins assert your rights to ensure due process in your criminal case. We also challenge the evidence against you, forcing the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Since 1999, our aggressive and effective representation of criminal defense clients has produced consistently favorable results, including acquittals, dropped charges and decisions not to prosecute. But even under adverse circumstances, we can often help our clients by getting charges reduced and obtaining lenient sentences that minimize or avoid jail time.


When we represent accused clients, we aggressively challenge police procedures and evidence on constitutional and substantive grounds. For example, in cases involving traffic stops, we scrutinize the reason for the stop to see if the police had reasonable suspicion to pull your car over in the first place. If the stop was illegal, any evidence the police gather is inadmissible. This can include chemical test results proving DUI/DWAI, or drugs or weapons found in the vehicle.

Many cases rely on the testimony of alleged victims or witnesses. Our experienced Fort Collins personal injury attorneys are adept at cross-examining witnesses to expose contradictions in their testimony that cast doubt on the case. This is often useful in domestic violence prosecutions, where a complaining party might have ulterior motives for bringing charges.

The law also requires the prosecution to prove the act and the intent separately. If you performed an act that is arguably illegal, but you did not have the necessary criminal intent, you cannot be convicted. Lack of intent is often a viable defense to charges of theftassault, and white collar crime.

The effectiveness of a particular defense strategy depends on the facts of the case. So, it’s impossible to say at first glance what strategy might work for you. Only after a thorough investigation does the right strategy emerge. However, from the very start of representation, our Fort Collins criminal defense attorneys actively protect your rights to keep all potential options open.


Our goal is to provide a positive resolution to the criminal allegations you face. We devote all our knowledge and experience to disproving the charges against you, leading to a dismissal of those charges, the prosecutor declining to prosecute, or an acquittal at trial.

These results require facts sufficient to raise reasonable doubt. But even when the facts are against you, we can press for a reduction in charges or lenient sentencing that avoids jail time. That could mean a diversion program for a first drug offense or parole. No matter what charges you face, we ensure you understand all your options so you can make a fully informed decision about how you want to proceed. In all cases, our top Fort Collins criminal defense attorneys are focused on achieving the best possible result.

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