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A brain injury happens when an outside force causes brain dysfunction. While car accidents and other major incidents can result in traumatic brain injuries (TBI), others may result in more minor brain injuries that are more difficult to detect until later on. Regardless, all types of brain injuries should be taken seriously, and every victim deserves strong brain injury attorney representation if they were injured at the hands of someone else’s negligence. Having an experienced Fort Collins attorney on your side can help to determine what, exactly, you may be entitled to.

Recognizing a TBI

Mild TBI’s can cause symptoms immediately or symptoms that are experienced later on–including dizziness/nausea, confusion, blurry vision, memory issues, mood changes and loss of consciousness for a few seconds.

Moderate to severe TBI’s typically show immediate indications of brain damage. Victims may have a loss of consciousness for a few minutes or even hours, continuous nausea/vomiting, headaches, numbness in extremities, convulsions or seizures, slurred speech, and extreme confusion.

Severe TBI’s can come with a variety of complications, ranging from paralysis to cognitive impairments. Victims can suffer from permanently slurred speech, seizures, socials and developmental issues, difficulty comprehending speech or writing, as well as many other life-altering symptoms.

If you have suffered any sort of brain injury or suspect you may have a mild TBI, visit a doctor immediately to have it addressed. Have the doctor document your injuries just in case you’d like to seek damages with the help of a Fort Collins traumatic brain injury attorney.

Common Causes of TBI’s

Automobile accidents are the most common cause of TBI’s, but falls, child abuse, domestic abuse, gunshot wounds, and sports injuries are also seen frequently. While almost all mild TBI’s occur in accidents, it is also possible to obtain them during activities such as roller coaster rides due to the head being violently knocked in different directions. Over time, those with mild TBI’s can experience behavioral changes and adverse physical effects like loss of balance and severe fatigue.

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It’s important that victims completely understand their rights when it comes to holding negligent and reckless parties responsible for the damage they do. If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury in a Fort Collins car accident, slip and fall, workplace accident or through another act of negligence, trust Ring & Associates, P.C. to fight for your rights. We accept injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no upfront legal fees. To learn how we can be of service, call 970-632-2687 or contact our Fort Collins office online to schedule a free consultation.

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