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Self-Defense vs Assault Charges in Colorado

An assault charge can be quite serious and is defined as knowingly or recklessly causing/threatening to cause bodily injury. Dependent upon the circumstances of the event, it’s possible that for you to be charged with felony or misdemeanor assault, which would deeply impact your criminal record and have a life-long impact. However, in the state Read More

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5 Things to Know about DUI and DWAI in Larimer County

1. Police Can’t Pull You Over Without Reasonable Suspicion A Loveland, Fort Collins, or Estes Park police officer must have a legal reason for pulling you over for any traffic crime, including Driving Under the Influence. According to law, this is called “reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.” Additionally, if they want to arrest you, they Read More

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Why Hiring an Attorney for a Truck Accident is a Smart Move

Filing a truck accident claim and pursuing legal action against a negligent truck driver can be complex; therefore, it is prudent to hire an experienced truck accident attorney. Colorado law allows victims to file a claim only within a certain period of time after the truck accident, so it is crucial to enlist the services Read More

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Injuries Caused by Parking Lot Trip and Fall

Businesses are typically held accountable for the accidents that occur within their facilities, but what if an injury occurs in their parking lot? Whether it’s due to potholes, uneven pavement, snow/ice, or even rain, parking lots present many different opportunities for accidents and injuries at no fault of your own. If you’ve experienced an injury Read More

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What You Should Do If You’re Hit By A Car While Walking

Unfortunately, it’s an everyday occurrence for a pedestrian to be struck by a car while walking along the road and crossing the street. Oftentimes, these accidents are the result distracted driving and drivers who are not keeping a lookout for people on foot, with many happening at night. While there’s no way you can  prevent Read More

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What Should You Do if Someone Refuses to Exchange Insurance Information After an Accident

Immediately following an accident, it can be quite tense and emotional, with a great deal of confusion. In these stressful circumstances, sometimes the other driver can make the situation even worse by refusing to give up their identifying information and insurance details. If you find yourself in this position, it’s good to know what to Read More

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