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3 Things to Know About Trucking Accidents

Due to the immense size of the vehicles, trucking accidents can be especially devastating for victims. The vast difference in sizes between trucks and typical passenger vehicles makes it extremely easy for severe injuries or even death to occur.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Identifying the exact cause of a trucking accident and who the liability falls on is the first step in recovering any damages. It is best to have professional attorneys on hand to assist in evaluating the situation, and determine whether or not you have reason to bring an accident claim. While there are oftentimes many factors at play, the most common causes of trucking accidents are driver exhaustion, speeding, mechanical failure, aggressive driving, driver deliver pressure, and substance abuse.

It is imperative to determine the cause in order to determine who can be held liable for any accident-related losses. It’s important to note that it’s not always the truck driver’s fault, even if the truck was at fault. The trucking company may be liable for being negligible by overworking the driver or allowing them to work more hours than they are supposed to, while the truck manufacturer could also be liable for any mechanical malfunctions/failures. These companies tend to have very big insurance policies to cover losses, but they also have the resources to thoroughly investigate accidents.

Common Injuries Sustained in Truck Accidents

Truck accident injuries can vary greatly, ranging from scratches and bruising to spinal cord injuries, burns, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis and even death. Because of the sheer mass of commercial trucks, oftentimes the damage is quite severe and can easily cause lifelong injuries. Due to the severity involved in these cases, you may find yourself out of work with a long recovery ahead of you, therefore, it’s important to seek any damages you may be entitled to in order to help secure your future.

Truck Accident Claims

Typically, commercial truck accident begin as any other car accident case does – with the filing of an insurance claim. Under federal law, trucking companies must carry a certain amount of insurance coverage in order to compensate any accident victims. However, filing a claim does not guarantee that you will automatically receive payment for your injuries and losses.

The insurance company’s goal will always be to limit liability in any ways possible, and will use many different tricks and tactics to not have to give you what you’re owed. This is why it’s extremely helpful to have an experienced attorney on your side to help you get every dime you deserve.

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